ITM Sounds

I’ve been screwing around with upgrading the Instant Trade Messenger sound logic. I believe I can confirm now that sounds will work - even if your windows are minimized - in IE and Firefox. Haven’t tested yet with Netscape or Opera. If anyone uses those browsers, please let me know.

Finally, since many people have written to me saying they use the ITM sound to wake themselves up at 2:00 am in order to place trades, I have increased the sound frequency/annoyance factor. Rise and shine!


I tried that once, to have the first signal wake me up, but overnight C2 had disconnected, because ‘too much time had elapsed’. Any solution for that? Maybe put it on some Autorefresh programm.


I am working on the sporadic disconnect problem. Try again.

I placed two orders today at 16:03, they showed up in my email at 16:04 and at 16:05, they showed up in ITM, according to timestamp at 16:15:09 and 16:15:10, which is a bit late for a trade to be placed at 16:14, and the bell only rang once i had maximized the window…

What’s up?

In addition to that they are not filled by 16:19:00