I have multiple messages on itm with the same date .every time I click one to delete it another copy pops up. how do you edit itm and how come it only goes to 3/12 when messages have been sent 3/13,14,and 15?

Is there a help section on this website besides the forum?

Hi Raymond,

I have no idea what you’re talking about so cannot help you but I can say that although the various tutorials for newbies are great, the main thing (in my opinion) that C2 still lacks is a comprehensive help section for reference!

Have you tried the “Frequent Questions” under the Information menu?


I don’t know about your missing messages but I have had the same problem with inability to delete messages for the past several weeks. Every time I click on “Hide,” instead of the message being deleted, it gets duplicated. However, several minutes/hours later the message (and all copies) finally does disappear I assume this is a newly-introduced bug since the hide function used to work correctly.

The problem with deleting messages has been fixed, thank you to whoever did it.