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Just a Trading for 149$

The strategy does not use averaging and additions to unprofitable positions. In all cases, a reasonable stop order is established with a risk not exceeding 1.5 %, in most cases about 0.5 %. The strategy is based on the analysis of horizontal and vertical volumes. Delta and cluster analysis.

Good day to all! I will make a small review of this week and the month as a whole. I am not happy with the result and this is obvious.This week, like the first week of the month, is difficult, the market is indecently cruel, the news in fact did not allow trading from Wednesday in a normal rhythm. It turned out to be a great deal on the euro and then you can see everything for yourself, but I wanted to stop at one deal, this is a deal on the British pound, figuring out what happened, I came to one conclusion: in the zone from which I opened a short position , a very large player was driven into a loss, who was gaining a short position for more than one day (I wrote several times that someone was gaining a short position) and there was a price shot in our direction, I had to close at breakeven or a small minus, but I did not do this because that this shot was a dummy, no one fixed a position there, there was no capture of liquidity and I expected that the price would continue to move towards a set position, but the market turned around and a very large participant was left at a loss in this zone, the price will test this zone 100% and there will be a reaction to it. The gold transaction had a good potential and if you switch to smaller timeframes, you can see how the price was not allowed beyond the level where my stop order was, then you could also hide in breakeven, but it happened as it happened. (I mixed up the contract, I’m sorry, but I saw it in time when placing a stop order and changed everything). According to the current situation, there is nothing to say, if gold gives a test of 1831.4, I can try a long one, the risk for a contract is on average $180

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I can’t even imagine what happened on the corn and what news came out, everything looked very good in the long, but I was afraid with such growth, I would have moved the stop on minute candles, I would have earned more, but a tit in my hands is better than a crane in the sky(I was waiting for manipulation at 566, but more happened). I closed half of the Australian dollar, because the volumes and delta came out, most likely someone closed a position or part of a position right at the level, in general, a beautiful goal in the area of 0.7291. And in general, the market is just disgusting for the second month (well, this is not an excuse for such a trade, I have to adapt), yesterday the deal on the Canadian and Australian dollars led me into complete confusion, well, just a great reaction to the level was, I was really sure of the deal, so not only did the market go against me, so the slippage actually made a loss from breakeven. Colossal bad luck. I analyzed the transactions, realized that the levels and reactions were good, currently this stage of the market, the denouement is close on the daily charts, it is worth taking this into account, I think the decline will continue for currencies. By the way, I wrote about the level of the British pound, it was this zone that the market tested at least 3 times, as I said, someone was there, and there was a mix of the balance in one of the sides.

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