Up $2000 atm on some GBPUSD shorts

My system I think is now very mature, and i have really fine tuned it to perfection, I guess you can see for yourself. I’m not saying I wont have any losses, so far out of 26 trades I did have 1 loss, very upset about that, but I did make a mistake. I am not sure how to link correctly but here it is Slow and Easy

Why would you trade 1 contract then jump to 29, 40, 60 contracts in such a short time ?

I eat lots of jumping beans.

Sounds professional.

No stop losses, martingale, large trade sizes for small account. 80% gain in first month. Oh yeah, this will end well…


Should rename this strategy to fast and crazy trading 60 contracts with a 15-20k account! lol

Thanks for the support. I know it doesn’t make sense for people when they see such trading, and I feel your confusion, however show me anyone who can duplicate this kind of performance, Lots of traders can get lucky now and then, after all in simplistic terms of probability every trade is a 50/50 chance, but not this many times in a row. In other words if you flip a coin 26 times in a row, its would be impossible to always get heads, you can at least admit to that. But as I get more subscribers I will trade 10% of the account., maybe even you will be one in the future, and of course I welcome anyone,

The problem is that if you are scalping for a few pips and with the autotrading and slippage at C2 those few pips may not be profitable for subscribers.

But I see your point…good luck!

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come back in 4-6 months. then we will see .

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May 10th you lost 32% of your account just to show a $96 profit. That’s not trading or skill. It’s afraid of taking losses.

Think about it this way. Someone with $100k account drops $32,000 and still holds on with high hopes that the market comes back. It does for a $96 profit. One day the market won’t come back. Who’s left holding the bag?

That doesn’t seem “fine tuned for perfection”. I might be wrong here. Hopefully you can prove me wrong with your explanation.

Please explain.

Good day


Don’t judge the last trades. So the next trade, let me know if you think i fine tuned the system. All the best.

Ok, I will see you in 4 month, unless I start working for a hedge fund. Then i can’t post any more signals, so use me while you still can.

Actually the system should be called “the one and only”, since you’ll never in your lifetime see such accurate trades, which such a win ratio.

sad part is many. we seen so many perfect strategies here on c2 almost up to about 9-10 month mark before. Simplicity trading was over 6 month at one pt and busted.

I feel sorry for those strategies, but my strategy is very unique, and wont be part of those failing strategies not in 9 months and not in 9 years from now. But Osutai I do appreciate your comments and concerns, but please stay tuned for more trades. I can’t promise they will be as good as the ones before, but I’m constantly trying to become more accurate in my entries. Also next week, I will start to branch into Indexes, not just to show diversity, but to hopefully attract more subscribers, who may not be interested just in Forex, which as you no doubt know, is very difficult to trade. But since I find Indexes a lot less challenging to trade, and since people may want some mix of instruments, I will throw in some trades in the Indexes too.

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How about “Fast and Furious” ? :wink:

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OK thanks for that explanation even though you dodged the question and it wasn’t really an explanation. Is the current trade that took the account from $28k to $21k not to be judged either? This one would take a 25% drawdown of your ENTIRE account. Is that worth whatever few dollars in profits you want to show?

Seems like you just can’t take a loss. Not judging just seeing what I see. If you post a crazy post in the forums you are going to get scrutinized. “Very mature” system and “fine tuned” probably aren’t the best words to describe the system.

Good day

LOL. The hubris is right up there with the Alpha and Omegas of C2. :joy:

The sad thing is we will all want to talk to him after he crashes and burns but he won’t be around I’m sure. “Sad!”

No, sorry, I don’t admit that. Check “Probability, Decisions and Games: A Gentle Introduction using R” (Abel Rodriguez and Bruno Mendes). https://www.amazon.com/Probability-Decisions-Games-Gentle-Introduction/dp/1119302609

You can see that under experimental conditions, 26 times in a row is something that could happen…

Actually, may be this post is some kind of educational initiative? I mean, everything that james say is so funny outrageous… Probably is someone trying that people learn from hyperbole.

Not if you are a student of dr Martin Gale. On 5/29 just keep buying more after 3 margin calls.

U will always profit in the end!

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Mr. Gale has been always a winner, we all know that!!!