Jv long short

The trade of UNTD in the JV long/Short system is not a profit of $32000

their was a reverse split 1/7

I had (70%) 3500 UNTD at 8 so reverse split 1/7 costprice was 56(for 500 shares) sold 500 UNTD at 14.99 so that was a loss off approx $20750 I received 700 FTD at 0 sold at 32.29 that is a profit off $ 22600 so in total i made on this trade 22600-20750=$ 1850

My profit was 1850 (70%) :

So for 100% = 10/7 *1850=$ 2640

can you correct this

I write to support too for this, but no one solve this issue.

Position: I already looked at this and it appears that the site is using post-split adjusted pricing for both the entry and the exit. I.E. on 9/18 the post-split price was 8 and on 11/4 it was 14. So the P/L calc seems correct to me. If I’m missing something obvious, please let me know.

i trade the jv long /short i did not have a profit of 70% of 32000

the untd trade opened (my figures) 8 for 3500 stocks after the reversed split i had 500 untd the were sold at 14 that is a loss off 21000

i received also 500*1.4 FTD which i sold at about 32.20 that is a profit of 22540

so i have a profit (with this figures) of $1550



exactly is like “position trader” is saying, even the creator of the system send a email explaining it.

I believe the issue is now corrected.

if i were the system designer i would not be happy that in the closed trades there was a loss trade of $ 29000(and a profit trade of $32000)

while he had 1 win trade of $3000