What happened to the chart in Watchlists?

The chart which showed recent performance of each strategy is gone. I found that really useful.

I liked it too! Now I have to flip through every strategy in the list to see how they are performing. :thinking:

OK I’ll get that back for you shortly

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Yes, please restore it, it is sorely missed.

Thanks for putting the new charts on the Watchlists, Mathhew, they look better than the original ones. Any way we could get back the old functionality that lets you select the time frame for the charts?

I’m not as enthusiastic about that one: harder to make it work well on mobile; looked ugly; etc. But if other people are really missing it, they can post here to let me know I should get off my ass.

Hi Matthew!

Yes please, the time frame that can be customized by us is sorely missed. Even if its only ok looking in desktop and not mobile, it would still mean the world to us please. Let the other technicalities of making it compatible with mobile fall to later dates. The important thing is we have that time frame functionality at least on desktop please??
at least we could use it now at the very moment…it would really mean a lot!
Godbless you!

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I would really like it, too, Mathew. Lots of good features on old school C2!