Laughing all the way to the bank

With hidden geometry finding tops and bottoms is not easy. We thought we might have had it the other day but today…its looking a lot better,

Wait a minute…wasn’t your projected high 2620? Why are you laughing all the way to the bank?

Eventually you will get the high if you keep on calling a high…lol…but can you honestly say you didn’t lose any money the previous sessions picking highs? Where is your trading system/strategy picking the high?

… to the food bank.


Perhaps it would be wise to wait until you have that 5-25% drop before laughing. And if it does move higher you can draw another higher parallel line, it certainly won’t cross that one too, will it?

But you said that you are laughing all the way to the bank? The problem is you can’t trade like that as you will have more losers than winners isn’t that correct? If you can actually turn those signals into a profitable trading system i would like to see.

The system was written about at :

I have traded at C2 with the system while i was learning it for a year. I think it was called the Andrews Babson system at C2. While it is true that i took a small loss on the other trade, i am doing quite well on the gold and other trades.

You “think” it was called Andrews Babson System? You should know, you created it LOL! In fact you were running it pretty diligently only two months ago … until you abandoned it like you abandoned your first system called Yang. Do you remember that one? It blew up last December, ironically following a big losing trade in … you guessed it, ES futures! You didn’t make any money at all with the gold and other futures/forex trades as you claim, in fact the system experienced a 60% drawdown and you gave up on it. Since you’ve failed as a trader, I don’t think you are winning any more converts coming on here and starting new forum threads to promote the Babson Reversal which is of course poppycock. And by the way, you claimed that 2620 was the top … but that’s a level that I don’t think ES is going to see again any time soon, if ever. So you’re in a big drawdown right now in your fictional system, and you aren’t doing at all well making money trading other futures/forex (as we can see from the C2 historical record). Instead of making these outlandish claims through the forum, why don’t you just do the only thing that convinces people around here: trade your system and make it profitable.


I am still laughing all the way to the bank…

Yup i was not correct with the 2620 number and took a small loss along the way up. As you can see i have more than made up for it…using Babson hidden geometry.

Mark, I stopped trading it after i got myself some serious employment as a result of my trading.

On the attached charts it says where the trades were entered. Be picky and see what it says…compare it to the extreme…

You are lying.
When you said 2620 was the top, and it hit 2634.5. After it hit 2634.5 and came back down, you came out and said the pattern was still valid. So that means you did not got stop out. It also means your stop is wider than 14.5 point. lager than 14.5 point loss is not a small loss. If you really mean a small loss, you must set your stop much tighter. And if you set your stop much tighter, you will most likely get stop out even your pattern is valid.

It is a difficult job for traders who trade for real, but I guess not difficult for you, because you never trade for real, you trade by your mouth.
You will see where market goes, then decide how you trade AFTER event happens.
If market goes to 2034.5 and goes down later, you will tell people that you still hold your position.
If market goes directly to 2065, then you will tell people you took a small loss.
That was why when market hit 2034.5 and I asked you where you placed you stop and if you still held your position, but you never give out a reply.
Because if you reply earlier, you would not have chance to choose a favorable action AFTER event happens.

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As for trading for real…if you had a think or swim account you would know that there is a profit in the charts shown from actual trading…in one of several real accounts i have. You would also be amazed as to where i actually got in each trade.