Lessons from trading

The first month on C2 has completed. Quantum Pure Alpha (https://collective2.com/details/108347861) finally would have achieved about 12% in the first full month. We have traded a lot: 69 trades, of which 59 were profitable. We have also learned several lessons from this experience. The most important one is that we should always stick with the signal system. Our signal system on NASDAQ 100 and Crude had a wonderful month, which should give us much more than what we get.

you had a pretty big drawdown. is that normal?

That is not normal. We usually hedge the excess exposure overnight. That draw down is due to an API failure that didn’t send out the long order of e-mini Dow Jones future.

I forgot to mention that in the index market, e-mini NASDAQ 100 Index future is one of the easiest trading instruments. In the commodities, Crude oil is a good trading security.