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Lets' Give It A Try One trade wonder


In the Summary statistics it shows the number of trades: 5, number of profitable trades: 3.
This means that he had closed out 3 trades and logically (5-3) he is still holding 2 stocks.
Plus there are only 2 stocks in the dividends data. So it is 100% that he is holding SIRI and APPL.


He holds 5 positions, c2 counts both open an closed trades in trades statistics. Closed trades should be shown in the trades table, it is empty.


JITF, that’s what I thought too. If he had closed any trades, they should be shown in the trades table. So all five are still open but only APPL and SIRI are dividend-paying stocks.


A trade is not profitable until it is closed. I hope C2 software knows this… I stick to my 5-3 calculation, of course, I may be wrong in which case C2 wrongly shows profitable trades. There is no trade list because they are taken in 2005 and some database containing such old files may have been deleted for inactive systems. It also shows profitable %: 60. Those 3 closed trades were profitable trades, the math adds up in my favour. The 2 open trades are not included, of course, as only closed trades can count as profitable trades.


You are wrong.
All 5 trades are open.
3 are in profit 2 are in loss.
That is why 60% profitable. C2 shows all open trades in % of profitable.


Interesting find @CharlesTines
Maybe someone will subscribe for 35$ ?
Then we will know the answer :wink:

FANGMA = Facebook/Amazon/Netflix/Google/Microsoft/Apple ?


Just got a reply from Tony Andexler himself:


@CharlesTines Thank you for posting it.
Why did he get a divident payment from SIRI on November 8th 2017 according to Net Dividends info?
He mixed up Netflix and SIRI? Could you ask him please?