Lets' Give It A Try One trade wonder

Just out of curiosity does anyone know what this system bought and never sold before closing the strategy over 4,000 days ago?

I wonder why the trades cannot be seen.
It that some kind of C2 rule?

Anyways, I would like my pension fund to behave like this for the next 20 or so years regardless of the huge draw-down.

Wow, good find! Kind of makes me wonder why we are all worrying about drawdowns and are trading instead of buying and holding. This system turned 100K into over 3 million, holding even through the GFC. with a max drawdown of over %58 percent during that time. That take a lot of discipline, I couldn’t have done it. And I don’t have 3 million in my trading account either.

The chart looks like it could be Amazon.


Well this would collapse in a bear market so don’t be so sure.
I think he might be shorting an inverse etf that’s just dripping.

I believe subs overvalue dd. There should be a way to to differentiate between a leader who was caught off guard, and a leader who may have adjusted too early but knew a trend was about to reverse. Perhaps a weighted dd. of some sort. When you let a leader take the reigns, you are relinquishing control. A leader is there to make you money at any cost, and not there to play psychologist. And if going by the no more than 20% of your portfolio, you are mitigating your dd. In this instance, I would go with systems with the highest return that have the longest track records, but that also survived a bear market. But that doesn’t leave much.

He bought stocks; and still holds that position.
That is why no trades can be seen. Because he never sold anything, that is 13
years holding to positions.
But, does C2 add dividends also to this?

Why don’t you ask him? :slight_smile:

Here is his contact form:


(480) 818-4190

April 6th 2005 was the last time he logged in on C2. @CsabaBiro01 not sure how you found him but thanks. I just sent a message to see what it was out of curiosity. My expectation is that he picked 5 stocks bought them and never sold. Maybe a google or amazon etc. Looks like he just bought 5 things then held for all these years. Definitely some fortuitous picks.

Yes, he closed out 3 trades, so he has 2 open trades. If you email him, he will like remember or he can log in to C2 to double check which 2 stocks he is still long.

@MatejGlavas, C2 does show dividends and by clicking on the Dividends detail you can see at least two of his holdings.

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@carzxxz nice trick I didn’t know it would show that. So yes Apple was one of them as was Sirius

I have it: He is holding SIRI and AAPL.

Great find! This is such a lesson to me - I started trading here in 2005, right about the time he started this system, and after years of fits and starts, making money, losing money, inheriting money, losing some of it, subscribing/trial subscribing to over 100 strategies, blah blah blah: I’m negative 5% :frowning: overall. While this simple buy-and-hold turned $100000 into $3 million.


Agreed. This is a tremendous find. Buy and hold some LT stocks.

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he’s holding $aapl.

Imagine we had a strategy just buy and hold FANGMA last 10 yrs.

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We had a great opportunity to load up on AMZN yesterday when it dipped under $1300. Hope you all got a piece of it (I didn’t). Some folks saying it will go to $10000 (on a split adjusted basis). I can’t see anything to stop that unstoppable train - it’s gobbling everything in sight. You could just hold that for 10 years and do what this portfolio did with AAPL.

He invest at FANGMA, why don’t put long positions at NQ in the past 10 years n just make sure, no over leverage. It is more diversify risk n affordable. We just don’t know AAPL from the past 10 years became very valuable right now. However, stock has dividend n NQ doesn’t have.

Hello @BBTC

NQ expires every 3 months. It’s a futures contract. You would have to roll forward if you wanted that strategy. You can’t just hold NQ for 10 years without the roll. The QQQ you could hold but not NQ. The Qs were introduced in March 1999. Great timing.

Good day

Yes, what I mean, every time there is a new contract, just execute n renew long positions into new contracts. For example, we are using March contracts now, after finish, we continue into June contracts etc.

If he closed out three trades, wouldn’t C2 show them? So maybe he is still holding 5 different equities but the other three don’t pay dividends.

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