List systems you are following and scale

Anyone want to share and list the systems they are following and the scale? The scale size will let everyone know how much confidence you have in a system. Here’s the systems I’m following. It may seem like a lot but not all systems are in a trade all the time. Most systems only trade 1-2 contracts. Just started a few weeks ago so will need 1-2 months to see how successful this strategy plays out.

average expectancy26 250%
russell trending 200%
event hunter 200%
ES ST IT 200%
ETF cystal ball 130%
mr money tree 100%
volatility ETF trader 100%
gold trending 100%
sniper futures 100%
zero T 100%
antares sp500 100%
R option 15%


Interesting. All in one IB account? Or do you separate them out?

all in 1 IB account.

Great post… do you want to share “how” you chose the scaling? I try to look for systems that are near-zero correlated to the SnP. The reason is that I don’t want my portfolio to be dependent on the market. I want it to make money whether the market is up or down or flat.

My scaling:

Mr Money Tree 600%
VIX DayTrader 2 500%
ES ST IT 400%
VolatilityTrader 50%

the last one (VolatilityTrader) is not zero correlated to the SnP500, but the trader trades his system and is very successful (risky when the market comes in - for the most part).