Listed on System Finder

So what is the criteria for getting listed on the first page of the system finder?

Are all of those people that have paid?

Just curious as to when my system might show up there.


If your system performs well over a period of time, it would show on the first page.

My system is [LINKSYSTEM_79853162]

actually there seems to be some kind of fluctuation or rotation too?

Or is the "best one" removed from the list… not to be too popular?

I think that PV Crude [LINKSYSTEM_77964053] should be on the list and has been with less impressive results than now… (and has been more stable than PV Silver (78062017) although I would expect much from that too)

Happy Trading

Marko Rantala / PV Systems

Ooops, actually it is now there, maybe I was blind!? … couldn’t find it anywhere.

LOL I was about to say that i know I have seen it on there