Loaded Question

I’m about to pull the trigger and become subscriber.
I want to know real experience from subscribers - what kind of performance was achieved for period of time. Looks like, there are a lot of issues with execution and filling of the orders. And this depends on some many things and categories ( liquidity, timing…). The thing is paper trading doesn’t work and execution can’t be tested by paper trades.
If someone trades VixTrader systems? No offence looks like he is responding and participating in most conversations.
I’m really appreciate for your responses.

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Welcome to c2. Its a nice helpful community most of the time. My first advise is you should always due your own home work before subscribing to any system.

Then you need to see if you want to split up between systems or just follow one? Manually trade by following alerts or full autotrade? That will help you make decision on what system to subscribe to. Of course you already know your risk tolerance.

There is alot of good developers on c2. Vix, cnkk, es it, just forex. You need ti make sure you know what your gonna trade, vix etf? Gdx 3x etf, futures or forex? In regarding liq on paper trading or not. If you look at most top strategy most of them are very liq. I can tell you i subscribe to volatility trader, been about 3 month im up about 105% as of friday. I joined the week of brexit so i been thru 2 big drops in the strategy. I can tell you no matter how much i trust the developer, my heart still sinks when there are big drops. Also make sure you set the correct scaling on which ever strategy you are going to subscribe to and reach out to the developer if you have any concerns.

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Hello Tia,
Thanks a lot for your feedback, it very appreciated.

I attached 2 photos. The first one was sept 23, 2016 and the second is Sept 26. The purpose this information is to provide high quality information to our community. I do not like to talk bad comments for each strategy but let performance for each strategy reveal the quality.

I subscribe Zip4x (forex) from April’16 until the end of Augst’16. IB forced retail traders to leave forex. I used this strategy with 10%-20% and after that I use 1 %. This strategy is always counter trend. I used a different approach to minimize my risk and increase my profit. It is correct this strategy use martingale system and took a lot of DD. When the manager took a lot of hit, most of them only exit small profit. When the manager obtain a profit in short term period, usually the DD is very small. The communication with this manager is not really good, so, do not expect if he reply your questions. This strategy was also survive from Brexit, I had DD around 40K but ended gain $17K.

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The second strategy is Trading volatility 1. I only use 1 trade and discontinue this strategy the next day. The manager always respond your questions but 1 trade n I lost $10K the next day, that’s more than enough for me to take this risk. This is Vix strategy also.

I started CKNN strategy sept 1. So far, 1 trade won $900 ,4 losses and 1 open trade (loss). As you can see the total losses right now is $ 6,489. The manager always provide good communication and respond your questions promptly. He always tell what is his plan for example, the entry either NUGT or DUST, Stop loss and his plan if hit stop loss. He does not provide a profit target. Some strategy that’s really bother me, when there was profit $3k, he does not put stop loss in profit area and ended with losses around $ 2.700. For me, it is criminal to let profit run away and closed the trade with losses. I am nervous every time there is a new open trade because end up loss. I like the way he doesn’t involve in significant event, such as before BOJ report and FOMC meeting. He doesn’t gambling. I use 100 % for this strategy and I also concern with this performance, Am I enter at the wrong time?

Volatility trader. I love this manager, he trade 100% TOS and I use 20% n now 30% (in the last 2days). I also subscribes this strategy recently, which is Sept 6. He trades options and some volatility. He always answer my questions very promptly and teach me how to managed my positions. Before, I have no clue about options and writing options. Know I understood the process and his strategy. he is a trend follower and I like to follow trend. As you know, Sept 9 was a bad day for most VIX strategy. This strategy was loss but finally, recover in 2 weeks. I really like his strategy and confident in the future.

Conclusion, I will only keep a good strategy and keep a good relationship with good manager. I hope, there is improvement for CKNN strategy. BTW, as you can see, I provide with real account, not simulator.

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Thanks a lot Femy. This is very good info.