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"Long Driver" issues


Yesterday a strategy that I subscribe to issued a Short on NQ Futures… I took it and lost money. Later the strat developer says that it was a LONG not a short and C2 had a malfunction. This makes sense since the strat also called a long on ES at same moment and this strat never goes short.

so far , C2 has not responded to my inquiry and the strategy is on hold by the developer.

has anyone every seen this before?


I’ve seen this in Jonathan Kinlay’s Futures WealthBuilder strategy, where according to the developer on a few occasions over the past 3-4 months C2 would screw up the orders and go long instead of short or short instead of long, or even issue multiple orders for he same signal. On the few occasions when it happened, it was always in the ZB futures contract. The developer would send out a broadcast to his subscribers afterwards to let them know what happened.

Looking for Futures Strategy

We’ve reached out to the strategy developer several times and asked him to upgrade the software he uses to connect to C2. He has not done so yet. We will reach out again.


ok… now I understand


So Matthew this is a problem on his end and not C2?


He had the same problem before and he blamed C2 for it, he did not respond to my messages then, I should have dropped out right there. This time again, with an email to subs, he primarily blamed C2 but softened his criticism somewhat by saying other circumstances might have contributed to it too.


Just to be clear… the strategy I am discussing is called "Long Driver"
is this the one you guys are talking about… and this has happened before?


I was talking about Futures Wealth Builder.


Just to be clear… the strategy I am discussing is called "Long Driver"
is this the one you guys are talking about… and this has happened before?

I am in the same strategy, Long Driver, and had the same experience. I felt the short NQ trade was probably incorrect since he goes long in an uptrend/breakout and that seemed confirmed when he opened the long ES trade 4 or 5 minutes later.

The developer freaked - he was 100% TOS, he turned off the strategy, he turned off TOS, and he went private.

John, if you have any updated information regarding this strategy through private messaging or otherwise, could you please contact me privately?


I got a private message from Quantraders - I trade both of their systems, Smart Bull and Long Driver and did very well with them - which said that they had problems with their broker CQG regarding transmission to C2 so they decided to stop it until the problems are solved. They also said subs have the choice to sit it out or cancel the subscription and ask C2 for a refund. Personally, I definitely will sit it out.


We don’t see any errors but we’re in contact with the system developer to get more information.


I will give it till the end of the week and then ask for refund. The sys dev claims that nobody from C2 has been in contact, C2 says they have been in contact. I hope this can be resolved.
I really don’t care what the issue is, just want a resolution and let’s continue trading. This Strat is solid and I want to trade it.


AARGH!!! now I am getting really frustrated… Long Driver certainly would have taken Long on ES and NQ today… look at the huge trend up on all major indexes, and I am just sitting out


John, if you knew what the trader should have done today, perhaps you should have done it yourself?


v1… that is not helping… I am just venting… it is so frustrating


You are right; my apologies for sounding flip, John.
I do hope that a software upgrade will help rectify the situation going forward for all concerned.


me too… but the Developer still has the service turned off…


latest from Long Driver


update: 2.15.2018

now I’m waiting for login data and data activation from Rithmic (Ninja Trader).

Which I change for CQG.

If this step is ok, I’ll ask C2 for Broker Transmit to Rithmick.

Think next week, the strategy can be accessed again for trading and can provide signals for (Smart Bull and Long Driver).

I will continue to inform you.



hello? are we ready for Tuesday (market is closed on Monday)


has are there any alerts? I do not want to sign up again unless I can confirm that this is ready to go