Looking for a new Futures strategy

Looking for a new futures strategy that can trade contracts such as MNQ and similar for a portfolio around 20k Looking for someone who is very active and trades multiple times a week and is good with communication. Anyone have good suggestions?


You can try my new strategy: https://collective2.com/details/138979623
Trades SP500, Nasdaq and Vix futures. Based on momentum effect. It is new but quite promising.

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Plan for 1000%+ return for MES $50 subscription

Can I trade with an account less than 20k? How often do you trade? You can message me personally if you’d like. Thanks

If you’re not with Seasonal Simplicity you’re losing money. This guy is the real deal. A wizard and I don’t think he’s using an algorythm. It’s all experience. He’s up over 400% this year and he’s a gtreat guy who has taught me a lot.

had i gotten in a day earlier he would have made me $9k on my $15k investment. In one day. instead i made a meeger $1,100 my first day.

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I started today with my AntiTraders Strategy which I use to trade MNQ, MES, MYM and MCL.

You can follow with 20k too.