Looking for a new futures strategy for 10k accounts

Looking for a new futures strategy that can trade contracts such as MNQ and MES and similar for a portfolio around 10k Looking for someone who is very active and trades multiple times a week and is good with communication. Anyone have good suggestions?

I haven’t had much luck with strategy leaders on here thus far and been here since March. Either they have terrible communication or their strategies have no discipline and blow your account. I wont publically call them out but message me and I will tell you the leaders I was under.



I am working on such a day-trading system. I will keep you posted.


Just launched Battlefutures ES as an intraday ES only model trading 1 ES. Literarily just started this today so way to soon to get involved, but keep an eye on it. Setting it up as TOS using Tradovate…

It’s cool that you’re looking for micro futures strategies. I would say say that for a 10k you’d want to find a strategy that trades just 1 micro lot, anything more and drawdowns could easily reach 50% during a bad period. Some strategies might want to pyramid into trades where the odds have been statistically more in their favour. A 10k acc might not allow for that kind of size to properly position into those kinds of odds. Your options are pretty limited unless you’d be open to more risk with a strategy that trades something like 2+ micro futures contracts.

My strategy big drawdown was caused by trading a wrong month contract on 8/24/2022. It was @MESU3(the current contract is @MESU2)with spread of 42 points. I immediately found the mistake and sold it 5 minutes later at 42 points lower price.