Looking for "Robot Trader" beta testers

Shortly I will begin public testing of the latest Collective2 feature. It is called “Robot Trader.” I am looking for courageous testers to help me make sure the feature works.


If you subscribe to a Collective2 trading system, your Robot Trader can place real-time, real-life trades on your behalf, at your broker, based on the trade signals generated by each trading system to which you’ve subscribed. No human involvement is necessarily. Indeed, this is the latest, newest-fangled way to possibly lose money while trading!

Some features:

You’ll be able to “scale” trades so that your trade sizes can be less than or greater than those placed by the Collective2 system to which you’ve subscribed. You’ll also be able to filter trades based on asset type (i.e. stocks, futures, options), or by the particular symbol.

Robot Trader is a little software program that runs on your home computer. It requires Windows 95 or later. Note that it currently interfaces only to Interactive Brokers trading accounts. So in order to test, you’ll need an IB account. (I suppose you could also use the IB demo account to test Robot Trader. You don’t need to sign up with IB to use their demo account.)

If you are interested in testing Robot Trader - first with an IB demo account, and then later perhaps with your real IB account - please send me an email (matthew_butnospamplease@collective2.com).

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi Matthew

I would like to test " Robot Trader" with an IB demo account

best regards


system scalper

I will also like to try it as well with my IB account

Cheers, Peter