Looking for testers

I’m looking for a few hardy souls who want to test a new Order Entry screen. The new screen will allow you to type entry orders, target prices, and stop loss prices all at once.

I want a few people to try it under real market conditions before I turn on the feature for all Collective2 users. If you are willing to be an early adopter, please email me at matthew@collective2.com.

Thanks -


Sure Mathew, I’m game. Not sure of current way to enter trades yet for separate “market” & “Target” and “STops” that you have now, but no matter, as the rate at which my trades are for this system can be sometimes more than a month before “first trade set-up”", or somwetimes it can be in a few days, if that’s cool for you. If not cool, still waiting for info on those three buttons and how to enter trades. THx, jerry

How does the auto section of new trade entry page work Mathew? If I put in a certain stop_loss pip qty you have your script piped-into the tick-by-tick data-stream and it’ll kick-out with that SL close price when it’s hit?