Lost signals

This might seem like a fairly easy question, I just haven’t found the answer on the Signal API page (or I missed it).

On occasion, I lose a signal id and stoploss id. (meaning sometime times my database overwrites them and they get erased) Other than the emails, how can go back and find the signals to sync my database.



Perhaps you could use the


command ( http://www.collective2.com/content/automation.htm#getallsignals )

or perhaps you could use the C2 Data Services API ( http://www.collective2.com/C2DS.pdf )


Thanks, I tried cmd=getallsignals. Unless I am reading it wrong, it all signals but does not return the stock associated with the signals. So I guess I can get the signals and then use the child/ parent details to find the stock and other info I am looking for.

But I guess this leads me to another question, C2 Data services API? Which is a stronger method communicating with Collective2? C2 data services or signal entry API for a large scale system? (for example 50 trades or so?)