Low Margin Futures Deep Subscriber Discount

Today we have added room for 8 more subscribers. We have the deepest subscriber discount.

O m G,

Your own forum might be a better place to advertise your system in this manner (for free).

How long will the discount be this deep? How do you know how much to use for margin?

Hi Jeff,

The idea behind the free trial is so that you can get a real time feel for what I do. Looking at a bunch of numbers is good and to get the real time feel is better. Tell your friends to come aboard.

Margin used right now is less than 7K. How much to trade is determined by a money management system.


Hello OMG vendor,

It is nice when a vendor initially offers his system for free so that subscribers can get a feel how the system works. However, your system, as opposed from other free systems, has a very short performance history on C2 and your System Description does not give much detail except saying that it has been around for a long time. So can you please tell us:

To what extent is your system mechanical/discretionary?

Do you traade it in your own account and if so since when and with what broker?

Do you have any performance report, in particular what and when was the largest drawdown?

Is there any reason why you don’t open up your own thread on this forum?