Free subscription for position futures

My system"position futures" has been doing very good since inception 7 days ago, currently up 44%.

Checking my transaction history reveals that my system can catch big market moves.

To help understand how my system works, I now offer one month free subscription.

subscription code:


The coupon allows a new subscriber access to Position futures at reduced price.

Instead of the standard price of $300.00 per month, user of coupon will

be charged $0.00 per month.

This reduced price will remain in effect until 2/28/11 23:59.

Please note that this coupon expires on on 3/1/11 0:00 Eastern U.S.time.

Wang Wei


This is how my system works:

My system has a strong buy signal for NQ, saying NQ will be up big early next week.


What makes your system so much more accurate than your other system that you killed off ?

The other system was a mistake.

I used it to test all C2 functions and was going to erase them all before I start trading.I didn’t know I could not erase them.So I had to leave it there and start a new one.

Trend futures didin’t apply my trading skills.

Looks like NQ big up move already started.

The strong buy signal I gave in my previous post is the same one that let me catch Feb 1 big up day.( Look at my transaction history for Feb1 gain). I knew it would a big day so I held position and sold at the end of the day on Feb 1.

Interesting - best of luck !

Newbie question:

How does a developer create a free subscription code on C2?


Click" Admin" above chart–>Subscriber Management–>Generate discount coupon for new subscribers–> fill in information in each field -->click "create custom coupon"

My buy signal on last Friday was accurate and as a result my account is now up 64% on the 12th trading day since inception.

To see how my system works out,you can still get free subscription until the end of Feb.

Wang Wei

Position futures