Lying reviewers

The review posted on March 18th for Vicinoo Superswing is a blatant lie, and probably should be removed. There is no way the reviewer could have made $3000 recently when the last 3 trades were quite big losers.

Come on guys, there is a certain logic to lying. First rule is: never lie about obvious things, that can be checked real quick. 5 stars, no less…

Strange that people could misunderstand this,but if you read it correctly it says there were profits in the first days trading the system.That the last trades were gainers and lossers doesnt change this fact.But as i change with my understanding sometimes limits and stops and didnt take one of the looser trades the review really didnt represent the system but my own results which differ a little bit.So i removed it and when i trade again,i will write it better.(Sorry,english is not my first language.)