Weird execution

I see an execution that doesn’t make sense for System [LINKSYSTEM_39055744] today (10/1). FCX BTO order limit 80.83 Filled: 86.92. Looking in IB, the low of the day is 86.38, so I don’t see how this order could have been filled.



I don’t know for sure what is going on, but it seems to happen every few months. I think there must have been a bad tick in C2’s realtime data stream that caused the order to be submitted to the autotraders’ brokers. When the order wasn’t filled right away, C2 changed it to a market order thereby guaranteeing a fill. That’s my theory anyway.

Technically the trade shouldn’t be part of Rainier’s record, but it does reflect the actual experience of the autotraders. I’m not sure, but I suspect these trades tend to cancel each other out in terms of profitability. I submitted a trouble ticket, and I always list these trades on my web site.