March results are absent from the table


Could you please see my result table for Adilko Stocks. I have closed two trades in march, but for some reason there is a “-” sign as if I haven’t done any trades in March.

Thank you very much.

We don’t include only “closed” trades. Your entire Model Account is marked to market. Overall, including the big losing trade you initiated in March (but closed in April), your equity was flat from beginning to end of calendar month.

Your answer does not explain why there is a “-” instead of numeric value?

Sorry, I don’t see the logic in your answer. There were 5 trades in total that were open some time during March and the table still has “-” because the month was “flat”? How much flat was March?

Feb 29 equity: 20,680

End of March equity: 20,852

Subtract your subscription price from 20,852 and you get 20,802

That’s a change in equity of (rounded): 0% … which is why you see the



It means no meaningful change.

I get the different numbers though, but I believe that is because you have a detailed (marked to market) data.

Ok, then based on the numbers that you’ve shown I understand that my net income for the month of March was $122 ($20,802 - $20, 680)

This $122 represent gain of 0.6% to the February equity.

Last years results for:

Sep +0.8%

Nov +0.2%

Dec -0.2%

Please, be kind to explain to me why is my last year’s results were all “meaningful” as they are shown in the table and the result of +0.6% in March do not provide for any meaningful change in your opinion?

When I answered initially, I used data readily available to me but did not break out or include all the costs that the software actually uses behind the scenes when calculating returns. Since this is the same data we share with regulatory agencies that periodically audit C2, I think it will probably be suitable for you, too.


record id 94292123 Timestamp: 2012-02-29 23:59:59 Equity snapshot: $20,248 (includes default commission cost (cumu. to date) of $431 subtracted from original file value of $20,680)

record id 95336932 Timestamp: 2012-03-31 01:32:39 Equity snapshot: $20,256 (includes default commission cost (cumu. to date) of $595 subtracted from original file value of $20,852)

0.039% = ( $20,256 - $20,248 ) / $20,248

So… in other words, when commissions and fees are including, your actual gain is 0.039%. Since we round to one decimal place in that table, that rounds to zero.

Now all makes sense.

I thought that maybe there was a bug as the result is shown with "-" as with last August when I did not have any trades at all.

Now I understand that "-" is always shown for the months where:

1) there are no trades

2) net income is 0.0%.

I thought though that there should be a numeric value (0.0%), but if that is how the system is constructed I will get used to it.

Thank you for showing and explaining this in detail.

I have to say that I agree with Adilko. Proper solution would be to enter 0.0 but to color it red/green depending if it was a positive or negative performance. Displaying "-" would only make sense if there is no trade initiated during that month.

But as I see he did put two trades during March, so IMO logic should be changed.