Matthew, any chance Gen3 coming to IB soon?

Anybody still thinking his cash with a futures broker is safe, no matter how financially weak the broker is, simply because of the requirement that the broker puts client’s funds into a seggregated account, should read today’s headlines:

"MF Global, the securities firm led by Jon Corzine, admitted using clients’ money as its financial troubles mounted, a federal official says.

An MF Global executive admitted that to federal regulators in a phone call early Monday after regulators raised questions about the company’s books, according to an official familiar with the conversation."

All we need is one or more European banks going belly up, some of which are much bigger than Lehman Brothers, and we could have financial Armageddon with several of the weaker brokerage companies going belly up too.

In my humble opinion IB is the strongest and best managed retail brokerage firm. BTW, it was IB, who was considering buying MF Global, which discovered the discrepancies in their books.

Hi,Karl A,

I sent two email replies to you a few days ago, in regards to your inquery about my system. But it looks like you didn’t get both.

I just sent you two PMs again via pm reply and direct pm(now totally 4 pms). Please check and if you still don’t get, let me know.

It looks like C2’s pm reply function breaks down.

Hi Wei (I think that is your first name),

I can see that you got both of my PMs but I did not receive any return PMs from you, apparently something is wrong, so I communicate with you this way for the time being.

I just subscribed to your system for the sole purpose that you can get my email address and respond that way.

BTW, there might be other people who have unsuccessfully tried to send me PMs - we just might have to wait till the problem is fixed.

Matthew, are you reading this?



I have sent email to your registered email address.

I am also interested as to whether Gen3 is coming to IB soon.

Although a definite ETA has not yet been determined, Interactive Broker is coming soon. Rest assured that we will be make an announcement when it’s available.