Don't trade FX Products!

Matthew, the FXCM feed is still not working. I competed a trouble ticket. Prices on the Eur/Usd are at least 100 pips off. I sold eur/usd and was filled 100 pips away from trading and immediately had my stop filled. Please remove this trade. Normally when FXCM has a price feed problem you still get filled at the correct price. Please let me know when this is fixed because I don’t want to keep entering trades like this. Thanks, Island Trader FX.

Damm Matthew,

Please wake up and fix this problem ASAP. Its happening to my system too!

Fix it !!! At least GBP/JPY is still working. Only seems to be EUR/USD right now.

My subscribers are waiting on their orders…

Wait, GBP/JPY price being quoted right now is wrong! Matthew, you better keep an I on this trade, I am in it in real money and this trade was sent to my subscribers!.

Matthew have you gone over to the dark side? Are the bucket shops paying your to post false data?

Quote feed is apparently back online as 9:32 pm ET.


I know that you seem to be working on promotional items, but…

You need to get your internal house in order.

You don’t have e-metal contracts in a few markets…

You don’t have correct opening times for many markets…

This is really serious stuff. You can’t expect us to trade in a crippled environment! Which is exactly what we currently have.

I needed to initiate a currency trade tonight. The markets were open, but you were not. You list opening times much later than the actual times. I missed the trade because of this. (got it in my personal account, but…)

Clean your house, Matthew.


(Oh, and PS: You promised me several months ago that you would look into selection criteria for some of your “popular” lists. You haven’t.

I completely agree Hans. The markets do not open on time here at Collective2.

The markets are opening at 5 PM EST on Sunday but Collective opens the shop at about 6 PM EST. The funny thing is FXCM, which Collective get quatos from, also opens at 5 PM EST.

Would you please explain the reason for that Matt??


Why don’t you let me know specifically which contracts in our database you think have the wrong opening times. This is the first I’ve heard of this. Please email me directly.

Forex trading starts here at C2 at 17:30 on SUnday nights.

Fx 45, contrary to what you say in your post, FXCM does not “open at 5PM ET.” They open at… well, whenever they feel like it. This is generally between 5pm and 5:30 pm ET. Because it’s not an automated, fixed schedule, we need to choose an appropriate startup time at which we will have confidence their servers will be up and running. We don’t want to send orders into the ether. That’s why we choose 17:30 ET Sunday night.