MatthewKlein - Please fix it ASAP

I am in the Premium plan for 3 strategies but unable to trade 2 of them!!! Your help desk doesn’t help!!!

I think my subscribers has to receive better service from your stuff…

Please fix this issue ASAP.



Hi Robert, I see that you have been in communication with Cristian earlier this morning and it looks like everything has been resolved. Your Trade Leader Premium plan has been renewed* (paid) and trading can now resume in the two strategies linked to the Premium plan. Your third strategy is still managed under the legacy listing. This expires later today. At that time, you can link this strategy to your Premium Plan and continue trading as normal.

*Trade Leader plans can be set to auto renew or month-to-month.

Is my plan on auto renew?


Trade Leaders can view their plan status by visiting:

For more personalized assistance regarding your account, please email the C2 Help Desk at