Maximum number of subscribers?

What limits the maximum number of subscribers?

A provoking thought from my side:

The C2 pages are too honest they show a lot of objectve numbers.

People are empowered to compare systems and decide after some deep thinking. I like the concept, but:

Many, many potential “traders” are in fact gamblers. They love to listen to stories, risk some money, play the game. Most of them don’t know what “Sharpe Ratio” means. (I’ve literally seen this on a “Trader’s Expo”)

My conclusion: C2 is too good, too scientific to attract the masses.

Finally! A criticism of C2 that I can fully stand behind: “C2 is too good.” You are a marketing man’s dream, Rene.

You are right Jay, but here is the paradox : Why would anybody want to send C2 trading signals on thinly traded penny stocks (and other highly illiquid financial instruments) and attract only a limited number of subscribers (due to slippage/volume problems) instead of applying his/her trading system to highly liquid markets like the US e-mini S&P 500, the German DAX, the French CAC40 or the all mighty Forex, for example?

I mean if the logic behind a trading system is any good, it should be profitable in almost any market, period.

After all, these are the characteristics of a truly robust trading system.

> liquidity / volume

I don’t think so. An example:

With Topaz being the “most viewed” system since weeks I guess its one of the most subscribed. I estimate most subscribers trade an account size in the $20k - $100k range.

Topaz can be traded with about $50M, so there is enough volume for about 1000 subscribers. We’re way below that.

What I see is some “saturation” in the subscriber number vs. time curve. It looks like the average number of subscribers depends on overall traffic on the C2 site, the popularity of C2.

Currently things seem to be overshadowed by Gaddafi and Fukushima. Let’s see what happens after people forget the bad news (takes two weeks usually).

You are trading very liquid stocks that’s why volume is not an issue for you, but try Topaz on thinly-traded penny stocks for example and even 10 subscribers will completely distort your system.