Maximum trade frequnecy

Hi there,

I’m a system developer but very new here on your platform.

I’m sure i have seen some info about it elsewhere, but can’t find it again, so I ask it here:

How many trades am I allowed to do per day or per hour?

How many order modifications are allowed?

What is the average responsetime from sending a signal per URL request to you till it is send to my possible subscribers, when using AutoTrading?

Many thanx for your help.

Best regards,


Hi, Kurt:

You can place as many trades as you like per day or per hour.

We do have the following throttle in place by default: no more than 40 new signal entries in any 120-second period. However, if a developer has a compelling reason why he needs an exemption from this last restriction, developers can email me. Generally C2 looks favorably on most reasonable requests.