Medved QuoteTracker

Matthew, is it possible to plug into Medved QuoteTracker so that trades originating at Medved QuoteTracker can be sent to C2, and would you persue that?

It’s really a case where the developer of QuoteTracker needs to add some extra code to support C2 orders (since I can’t change his software code). For what it’s worth, it’s a pretty simple thing to do, so if you can rustle up a few people who say they want the feature, then you might be able to convince Jerry to do it. I suggest you post your interest on his board or send him a private email, if you haven’t done so already.

As always, I am ready to help any software developer integrate C2 features into their app, so feel free to refer him (or someone at QuoteTracker) my way, if necessary.


Right and while ago I asked the C2 community if they wanted me to add support for sending orders from TradeBullet to C2. No one answered so I concluded there was no interest.

Is there interest now?


Matthew, I contacted Jerry. I’m waiting for a reply.

Matthew, I sent you an email with Jerry’s reply.