Message to Subscribers RPH signal

For the last 2 days I am unable to post a message to subscribers for my signal RPH.

Mathew please have a look and fix it.

Thank You

Rick Haines

What do you mean? What happens when you try?

It acts like it went thru however I receive nothing in my email. I send a message nightly and have never had any problems. Last night I sent out 2 messages that did not work. I sent a message around 30 minutes ago that just said "test". I got nothing.



I am having the same problem at EMiniProfits. I type the broadcast message, looks like it went, then no email confirmation on my end.

Thanks for fixing this Matthew.

Jack C

Okay, a couple different issues going on here simultaneously.

1) We recently modernized the email format of the broadcast email. This apparently triggered some kind of spam sensitivity on the part of some ISPs (but not all, interestingly). We’re attempting to track down exactly what about the new format is raising alarms at the ISPs, some of whom are just simply eating the emails without even putting them into your spam folder.

2) In the meantime, we’re trying to massage the email format to make it more “like” the old format, which didn’t seem to have as many problems.

3) We’ll try to increase logging at the email level to find out if we are getting any useful bounce messages.

The new email format was meant to be less ugly and more readable. Apparently no good deed goes unpunished.

I’ll keep you posted.


Ok if it helps I am at



I’ve been having the same problems all week. Broadcast messages are not going through correctly.

I use and email accounts and neither are receiving copies of any of my broadcast messages.


I believe Matthew has just fixed the broadcast email problem.

I just tested it and I received my copy very quickly.

Thanks Matthew!