Missing Buy Orders

I also noticed that all my buy orders, which were entered as "Day" orders, timed out on Feb 17, which was a Sunday.

yea… mine all expired…

Matt- please in the future- PLEASE remind us the day of or prior to a holiday to not enter any trades


Right. Or I could, you know, fix the damn holiday bug. One or the other by next holiday…

I would believe the bug isn’t fixed. :frowning: Moreover, C2 closes position when official US market is closed and stocks trades in US quite impossible. Last example - 03/21/08 - Good Friday - US market closed - C2 continues to trade US stocks :wink:

Usually I complain privately to C2’s support, but I think it’s possible to fix the bug in year and half. Every holiday there are some issues at C2 :frowning:


P.S. Waiting when my BTO orders will expire lol