Missing trade

another trade missed on my system moonlight, there is a stop order gtc for cover a short trade at 1.3217 on eurusd future.

The short trade is still open and the long trade ( buy 1.3254 target 1.3274 ) isn’t executed. Matthew please, can you correct this situation? I lose too many trade for these “malfuction” of the c2system.

Thank’s a lot

For fastest response, please report these kind of problems using the trouble ticket. Here’s how:

How to use the Report Problem function:

1) Log in to your C2 account.

2) Go to the trading system in question.

3) Immediately above the trade details, you’ll see an area that says: “What this page displays.” Make sure you turn on: "Report problem links."

4) Now, every executed trade (or unexecuted pending signal) will display a little green question mark. Click the question mark to report a problem with a fill.

Hi Matthew,

I’m sorry but I didn’t know this function, now is all OK.

Thanks a lot

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