Wrong trades will be not corrected by C2 Helpdesk?

Hi guys,

I have been trying to ask for C2 helpdesk to correct 2 trades in two different systems. I have not heard anything back from days.

Is it impossible to get wrong trades corrected within a reasonaly timeframe of 1-2 working days? My issues have been pending since Monday.

This way I cannot use my C2 for the purposes for which it was created.

Please see my emails below to C2 help and Matthew.

Thank you, Csaba Biro

Dear Sirs, Dear Matthew,

I have a fill issue as described below this message. This is with System ID= 77991306.

Please only correct this problem, because I sent you another request with another fill issue with a different system, but I will be only using this System ID= 77991306, so be so kind and correct the trades. I dont wanna start a new system with a new email address, I dont see the point of creating new C2 systems every day because of fill problems. A couple of working days have passed since my first report, without a solution. Please correct the problem reported below otherwise you will stop me from being able to use C2 for the purpose it was created. I really wanna create a system for track record purposes.

Losing the whole month of December because of this would be a blow for me.

Please see below my original help request:

Hello Alen,

I have another issue, apart from my email I sent you in reply to your letter.

Because no-one has corrected the incorrect trades from yesterday, I created a new system (system ID=77991306). But again my trade was entered incorrectly.

4 contracts of YM short stop at 13047 was not entered (despite the fact that price went through that price) and 4 contracts limit buy didnt enter (despite price going through that price). So far 2 trades out of 2 were not entered correctly on my C2 systems, is it possible to correct these? It would be very hard to try to trade in conditions where none of my trades actually show up on my C2 accounts! So far 700USD disappeared made by my strategy on C2.

Thank you.


Csaba Biro[LINKSYSTEM_77991306]

Hi, Csaba -

Yes, we’ve had a ton of fill recognition problems over the past few days. (These only affect systems without autotraders.)

I have now fixed the cause of this problem. If you still have an unrecognized fill that should have been filled, let me know (matthew at collective2) and I will try to correct - but I can say with some relief that the cause of the problem is now solved and going forward new fills will be properly recognized quickly.

I am sorry for the slow response - we’ve been working frantically to get the stuff fixed behind the scenes.


Hi Matthew,

Thank you for the explanation, I now understand the root problem.

I’m glad the it has been solved now.

I will send you an email in a minute about just 1 trade that would need adjusting then I would be all set. If that one is sorted then I would not lose the whole first week of December for my system.

Thank you.


Csaba Biro

Hi, Csaba -

I think this is squared away now. The problem you reported in a subsequent email to me has been fixed.


Hi Matthew,

Thanks a lot, it’s all good on my end now.