MK - Best Systems Criteria

Matthew - Is there ANY way you can make some adjustments to your best list ranking formula?

I don’t know how DeltaHedge remains on top . WIth a Profit Factor of 1.3, and average profit (futures) of about $35, and an APD of 0.28, how in the world does it rank ahead of “Have Fun” and EXLENCE ??

DeltaHedge is hardly worth trading, frankly. It is anemic and is probably breakeven at best, but somehow your formula is currently blind to this and allows it to float at top, like a cork.

I would suggest you add in Subscription Pricing, APD, Realism with Commissions, Profit Factor, Average Unit Profit per trade, and any other telling metrics, and severely reduce the existing variables.

So what you’re really asking is can he change the criteria so that the Best Systems list looks exactly how YOU think it should look.

The accolade of Best System is always going to be highly subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I would rather C2 independently decide what merits inclusion in the list than be swayed by one vociferous user. You are passionate Ross, but you do not persuade.

If you want to tailor a list so that it comes out with what you think constitutes the best systems you already have such a tool at your disposal, it’s called The Grid.