Suggestion to all System Providers

Hi, a friendly suggestion to all System Providers: Before you offer a system for autotrading through C2, you might consider working with C2 and contacting a few C2-approved brokers to ensure that all of the symbols you intend to trade are available, and to lay out what approvals are required for clients to trade these symbols. You should ensure there are no "translation errors" between C2 and the broker (misunderstood or unavailable symbols).

Then you could list in your system description which brokers can autotrade your system, and what approvals are required in advance.

System Providers should also be aware that there are no C2-approved brokers (I am aware of) that allow mixing forex and futures trades in one account using Gen3, so if your trades mix between those, then do not be surprised if you do not have any subscribers.

C2 might consider "certifying" certain systems for use at certain brokerages, where symbols, availability, and technical issues have been ironed out in advance.