MK: "Real Time" Quotes

Hi MK:

Before I place a trade/signal on C2…does this site in some way produce a "real-time" quote?


We’re not allowed to display them, since we don’t pay the exchanges (and since we do not charge you) for the right to redistribute real-time quotes. But of course we use real-time quotes internally.

Matthew -

Can you display the estimated expense involved with a trade before it is placed? It is nice to know before the trade is placed since it is very easy to type in a wrong stock symbol. Having the approximate expense would be a good sanity check.


MK, I think this is an excellent idea and if implemented could also be a first step in ascertaining the average % of portfolio risked per trade which could be a much more informative statistic by which to measure a system’s risk profile for searches within The Grid or System Finder.