P&L and responsivess of the platform

I don’t know, if we are alone with this issue, but we are getting increasingly disappointed. To run systems smoothly, we have no live P&L, point taken, but presenting P&Ls without time stamp and letting paying publishers (200$ per year) only refresh ten times… that reminds of free real-time quotes in the ninetees…

Basically, two issues derive from this:

1) it becomes almost impossible to match our systems with what C2 shows and maybe more importantly,

2) it toally confuses readings for investors.

Finally, the quick dashboard overview shows open P&L + closed P&L without settlements and dividends. Depending on the strategy, that may well make a difference.

All fhis may only apply to complex strategies, but as far as I read C2 marketing, that is what the platform is capable of…

Not trying to be too negative, but from a paid service, I expect a little more!

I think I need to disagree with you and try to reset your expectations a bit, because they’re not really realistic.

C2 isn’t meant to be your real-time quote provider. If you want to run a system on C2 that requires real-time quotes, it’s generally assumed you have means of seeing real-time quotes through another mechanism. In all cases except forex, C2 doesn’t show real-time quotes because you the customer would be required to pay the exchanges for them. C2 can’t pay for them on your behalf. Conceivably in the future we may offer to resell real-time quotes, but based on our (admittedly anecdotal) research, most of our system developers already have their own real-time quote sources and don’t need them from C2.

That said, C2 does use real-time quotes internally when processing your trades in our simulation of markets. So when you close a trade on C2, or open one, C2 will show results which are very close to what a real trader would get. And indeed, when there are real-life autotraders for your system, we actually use the average real-broker price received by those subscribers.

But you shouldn’t expect real-time quotes to be displayed in real-time to help you make trading decisions. If you need real-time quotes for real-time decision making, you should probably be using a platform like NinjaTrader or TradeStation or TWS, and then pipe your orders into C2 through the rich platform of your choice.

On the other hand, C2 is perfectly fine if all you need is to monitor your open positions, set stops, make sure all is in order, and particularly if you’re not relying on a web interface to manage rapid-fire real-time trading that depends on real-time instant quotes. That’s not going to work.

Finally, we do include dividends and distributions in your simulated C2 cash account, so I’m not sure why you think otherwise.


ok, apparently, you don’t get my point, nevermind, I have tried to comnnuicate to you personally in several in the cource of several emails that we use IQFeed internally and have all portfolios tracked on a tick basis. But we had to remind you of any M&A activity that occurred related to our strategies. So, Í do not expect real-time for any reason from you if you time-stamp. If you do not time stamp, it becomes really hard to figure out if there are differences in valuation.

Regarding the settlements issue, I will prepare visual evidence and mail it. I am getting tired of arguing.

btw, orders are piped in from an Excel algo, which is based on the IQ RT feed. Just mailed the visualization.

Matthew, or other administrators:

I do receive e-mails indicating that a distribution has been credited to my account. Is there a place on C2 where I can access a record of the distributions that are made? I am attempting to reconstruct my trades in another program and I could use that information. Thanks!


>>>Finally, we do include dividends and distributions in your simulated C2 cash account.<<<

Charles - If you’re talking about dividend distributions: yes, C2 tracks these and adds them to the cash balance of your Model Account. But, weirdly, there’s no place on the web site where you can see an itemized list of distributions. (They are stored in the database, however.) If it’s very important, email me privately and I’ll run a database query for you and send you the results in an Excel file.