MK - Suggestion

there are a few systems that keep popping up on the “Gainers This Quarter” list on the main (chat) page, which are obviously no longer supported. Forex systems especially seem to be this way - (I have seen 4 or 5 on such lists that are often 2+ months of inactivity. And often, they only have a few trades max.

for example: FFX 2.0, which has not been logged into since early June, 3 trades and is almost assuredly dead. There it is, glowing in the top systems. Being lucky and left open for months does not make something a top gainer.

Why don’t you set a time limit that 2 months of inactivity will prevent a system from appearing on the various lists. And maybe, must be a PAID system (not under the 5 freebie trades). I doubt too many potential subscribers are interested in them, so they are just clutter.