Monthly Stats Updated

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that the month stats grid above each system’s chart did not include the system subscription fees. (The monthly returns did include commissions and per-trade fees; and the chart below the grid did properly include both commissions and subscription fees.)

We have changed the monthly stats to accurately include the system subscription fees. This is required by the NFA.

I’m sorry for the suddenness of the change, but the stats do need to take into account the system subscription fees, and they now do so.


Returns should be presented gross of fees and net of fees and for the sake The Grid comparison should be based on gross returns.


Depending on the portfolio value, system fees as a percentage of the portfolio value could vary greatly. For instance $100 on a system worth $10.000 is not the same as $100 for a system worth $100.000. This could be very misleading when comparing FX systems against equity systems since FX systems tend to have much more equity.

Finally, I believe AT fees should be optional to include in the returns. It should be up to the potential subscriber to include them or not.

Thanks for your attention.

We’re regulated by the NFA, and they do not agree with you. So for now, we’ll include all fees in the monthly returns and charts.

I charge “pay only if profitable” .So in a loosing month, my clients will not be charged anything but you still add the subscription fee with the loosing month’s return. It is not correct.

Therefore, Please correct the mistake.


Moderate Trader

Matthew do you use the current fee projected backwards or the fee in place at the time?

Nice to see the NFA is harassing C2 while ignoring MF Global…