Multileg trades

Can I suggest that a special alert/warning is used where systems rely on using multi leg trades, which in essence can hide losing ( sometimes very large) trades in one -eventually profitable- multileg trade -it goes aganist everything this site should be for - open transparent record of systems trades…


I second that motion. It also hides the commission costs.

Agreed Michael and makes working out trading margins/trading permissions a nightmare -some ‘single’ multileg trades have used up to 85 ES contracts!!!

With Realism Factor Calculations enabled in Closed Trades you can just mouse over the blue P/L number, click on it, and that opens a new window with every single trade entry/exit. Then you can just open a chart, and see how much a trade wounld have drawn down and if that is within your risk tolerance. Well, that needs a little work, but should not be too much once you are ready to pay for a system…I wish I had known about that feature and followed my own advice before I got into a certain system .

By the way, doesn’t this new ‘drawdown calculation’ column do the same?


Yes you’re right the new drawdown feature does help to highlight the multilegs but I just don’t think a site such as C2 should allow trade systems to ‘hide’ sometimes what amounts to multiple losing trades in a single multieg trade - it should be completely openly tranparent. If they do, some sort of alert should be used. It’s difficult enough for newbie traders as it is!! I have reviewed at least 4 systems which add to losing postions, have had away above average drawdown and postion sizing all nicely hidden a way in multilegs!!

The first time that I “legged out” of one of my positions, I was a bit surprised that the closed portion didn’t show on the closed trade list. But I think the idea is to hide the position from non-subscribers until it’s totally completed. ie - otherwise you’d be exposing your open positions and maybe allowing someone to freeload. Not that I agree, mind you, but I think that’s the logic behind ‘hiding’ the legs. I’d prefer that the closed portions be exposed immediately, but that’s just me.