Legs in scaled trade should be counted separately

To the managers of C2:

Look at system called YES3 as an example. I think C2 should count each buy or sell as a counted trade rather than when a position is completely closed. YES3 is an excellent example. The stats show total trades to be only 700. But there are hundreds of buys and sells within each of those trades, so the real number is several thousands.

I think counting each buy and sell as a counted trade will give much better overall evaluation of the system. Thanks

Also if you want to put a limit of 50 on the subject line, have some way of knowing how many characters have been typed. Put some kind of counter. There is no way to no if one is over 50 limit. Took me several attempts to figure out the exact count.

He does have a point. If someone buys 51 of X and every day several times a day sells and buys 50 X …ten thousand trades later it counts as one trade.

Some how this does not make sense.

Yes, if that is true then the trade count is misleading. It makes it very difficult to estimate the true cost of transaction fees or tradeability when comparing systems in The Grid for example, although the new adjusted charts go some way towards alleviating the problem. Also it makes me question whether the personalization feature is accurate enough with its estimate of costs, apart from the fact that it is already very inaccurate for systems that trade infrequently.