Get rid of the leg in system

I propose that the way trades can be made with various legs is not of benefit to subscribers on C2.

Much better to make each trade stand on its own merit.

Another way to look at this is is C2 set up for the benefit of newbie traders or quite savie system providers -the losses being racked up by traders would suggest the latter. If it is for the former then trades should not be allowed to be ‘hidden’ with multilegs…OK the new drawdown facility allows you to see through this pretty quickly now but the site should not encourage ANY type of hidden losses in my opinion…

In addition I believe the site should not ‘hide’ open positions, by not showing them, despite their showing on the graph. The only way, for instance, to know that a certain FX system is in a devastating drawdown, is to see the graph and the fact that there was no closed trade since 02-15, despite the fact that the system used to trade much more frequently. If it would show the entries for the various ‘legged in’ losing positions, it might ring some bells in potential subcscribers and keep them from still opening managed accounts with somebody who does not adhere to his published strategy of ‘hedging’, but rather uses ‘hoping’. Furthermore, what I do believe is not reflected here, is that each of those losing positions is charged interest every day…I only can recommend to everybody considering a system to use the options we have here and go over each and every trade systematically, and check the positions and drawdowns with charts, and not be blinded by some 20% (non-verified) monthly return mentioned on some website…


But showing the open positions would reveal all system recommendations to non-subscribers. There would be little reason to subscribe to a system, as you can get the same information for free by watching the system’s page. So at least the ticker symbol and the prices should be concealed. For the purpose that you describe it would be enough to know the date and the unrealized profit or loss, isn’t it?


Yes, I think the second suggestion is unneccesary because the current drawdown is shown on the system homepage.

I would still like to see the legin system dropped.

The other big problem with the legin system is that it encourages sytem vendors to average down, because they want to eventually close the trade out as a postive- thus keeping there loss/plus percentage high.

Have a look at some of the recent threads (eg HawkFX ), the legin system may have contributed.

The “OpenPosition” list could just sum the open P/L on existing positions, and show that. That would clarify that the Op might be hoping.

The Model Account Details does show the total net Open P/L for each trading system. Is that what you are looking for?


One solution is to have a FIFO (First in First Out) view of the trades so that overlapping positions are not lumped in to one P/L and closed as one trade but rather, would be broken down by each leg, e.g the first unit entered would be the first sold and would show up as an individual closed trade regardless of whether there were still open contracts or scaling going on. This is a common calculation method and would create transparency on the actual % win.