Multiple Exit Orders


I have a request to allow multiple exit orders for both stops and profit targets when entering a new order. Currently C2 allows for one exit and profit target price.

It would be nice to have the ability to have up to 3 profit targets and stop loss targets where the trader can specify the number of shares and the price they want. This would cut down on network traffic since currently if I want to specify multiple exits I first have to cancel and replace the original stop loss order and then submit an additional one. Why don’t I just submit the stop losses/profit targets separately from the entry order? Because I want to allow my subscribers to position size according to the risk of the trade at the time they enter the trade.

Also, is there a better way to update the order status other than attempting to cancel an order that you know has already executed? Canceling an already executed order always immediately updates an order awaiting to be executed to one that has been filled.

This is a problem because it would not be a big deal if I could exit an order that I know has been executed but where the status is not updated. But unfortunately C2 does not allow me to exit positions that have executed in real life but not yet updated in C2. So I have to force the update by hitting the cancel button. Then the status is updated to filled and then I am free to exit the position from that point forward. There must be a better way, no? Is there a button I need to press that I am unaware of to get immediate status updates?

Thank you,