Multiple Symbols from Tradestation to Collective2

I’m looking at putting up a system on C2 using the C2TRAY.EXE system tray application to transfer signals from Tradestation directly to C2. My questions:

1. Does this method actually work for transferring trading signals straight from Tradestation to C2?

2. I have the same strategy running on separate charts for 20-30 stocks at a time in TS, and I’d like to send the signals for all of them to one C2 trading system. Is this possible? The users’ manual for c2tray.exe indicates that you need a separate TS workspace from which to send the trading signals. If it is possible to send signals for multiple symbols to the same C2 trading system, do I need a separate TS workspace for each of the 20-30 charts running the TS strategy, or can I put them all in one TS workspace?

Thanks in advance.

– Russ Allen