MundusCapital Star - Platform Transmit issue


I am the owner of MundusCapital (Star) strategy.
I am using MT5 platform for the trade execution.

I am writing this post in order to warn you about Platform transmit unreliability. I simply don’t trade without a SL, which is also visible in my Trading record-Drawdown column.

You can see that I risk max 1,5% per trade, usually 1%. The exemption in the Trading record is recent trade 4/1/19 3:45 @EUM9 with a loss of $817, but actually, those are 2 trades so it is also true that risk per trade in this example was 1,2 %.

Today I have had @EUM short trade, with a set SL as usual, which is visible from the result on my MT5 platform (result ($500)). C2 however, decided to ignore the SL and closed my trade 58 minutes later, of course, with a much larger loss ($1132).

I have had negative experiences with Platform transmit earlier, but it was understandable since it was in BETA version. This, however, in my humble opinion, is very unfair and risky both for the Leaders who invest money and work hard in order to build solid trading record and Investors who risk real money.

So, trader who uses demo account can use Platform transmit at C2?


Yes, demo/simulated/paper accounts can be used to generate real-time signals.

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@BBTC, BrokerTransmit is different than PlatformTransmit as BrokerTransmit requires a real brokerage account whereas PlatformTransmit does not.

I think it requires a different link between these two types. BrokerTransmit is almost like TOS without the certification.

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OK, so @LorantVari31 thank you for your interest in this issue and your time spent on log investigation.

Long story short, you concluded that issue was on MT5 side and some “Deal” message wasn’t generated, therefore exit signal wasn’t generated on C2 too.

Furthermore, you say that MT5 was off for 2 hours (frozen) when it came back you synced my MT5 status.

You also advised me to contact you first, before creating a bad image of C2 and technology without any accurate information behind. You also kindly advised to post a follow-up to my forum message explaining that the issue was on my side or I might consider removing my post completely.

Here is my follow-up:

I am sorry, I am not IT expert (just a professional/(fresh) prop trader), but truth be told, the reason why the SL wasn’t copied is not important after you lose reputation, and/or more importantly real money being Investor.

Even though your reasoning sounds rational, advising to delete this post won’t help anybody.
I didn’t post to create a bad image of C2, but to create risk awareness, and to help you find a bug so you could create back up plan for similar future events.

If this scenario is likely to happen again, I would also appreciate some advice like not to trade without looking at charts all the time, anything would be better than hearing that it was my and MT5 fault. I can hardly accept this since I set up PT correctly and the trade was closed on my MT5 platform with a proper loss ($500).

Hope you will manage to understand that my intentions are friendly toward you and other traders/investors. My mission is not to create a bad image of C2. After seeing your C2 Star programme, I become your greatest ambassador because it is clear that you are trying to protect Investors offering solid strategies with low risk and good returns combined.

Fyi, @MundusCapital I believe also that Platform transmit DOES NOT transmit stops and targets to the respective clients. As ONLY market orders are sent to the clients.

ie. If you the market hit your stop on your terminal then and only then will the client will get a close signal. So if you terminal failed the clients would not have their positions closed.

This is how it works with futures/stocks trading but with forex I am not certain but I suspect this to be the case as well.

I agree, but my terminal didn’t fail, otherwise my loss wouldn’t be recorded. It was recorded correctly ($500). Furthermore, this is exactly why I always use stop and limit orders to determine my SL and TP, instead of SL and TP option provided by MetaTrader.

Problem is that MARKET order wasn’t copied to C2.

BTW I trade only futures on C2.

Hi, Mundus:

I’ll post to you privately and close this thread.