Mutliple strategies in same account

Can I trade multiple C2 strategies in the same AutoTrade account?

Is it any different for brokers IB and Tradovate?

AutoTrade shows a warning saying all existing positions will be closed in this account. That makes it sounds like only one strategy can be traded in one account.

If thats true its very cumbersome to keep opening and manage different accounts. And each of those new accounts need separate opening paperwork, AND, AutoTrade approvals.

JForex -

You can certainly trade multiple strategies in one account.

The warning (“all existing positions will be closed”) applies to cases where you are attaching your account to C2 for the very first time. (In that case, if you have positions which you personally created before joining C2, they will be closed.)


Hi, can you also pls answer below 4 questions -

1. So next time i attach a second strategy to my same account, it should not show the warning?

2. Where do I see the account size of the provider?

3. Assume i have 10K in my account.

Strat-1 has 50K .
Strat-2 has 100K .

If i want to allot 5K to each, I will scale
Strat-1 = 10%
Strat-2 = 5%

Can you confirm the above?

4. Is it true that Futures cannot have fractional size?
Does this mean I must have same account size as provider, or bigger?
Is there no way around it?

Thank you.

I’ll have someone from our Help Team reach out to you.