My holy grail>97% wins

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im not selling it-- im going to lease it to hedge funds and start a 401k service->20%/yr or you dont pay

Could you be so kind and me out here. I looked at the charts of the systems you have had here and it appears that most have a green line that goes to the right in a straight line. Could you point me to the system that wins 97%?



I hope you have a documented, audited real money track record. Otherwwise no hedge fund will even talk to you. If they talk to you, you’ll be asked for all sorts of records, and you’ll have to fill out 10-20 pages of due diligence info. Basically, to get the hedge fund business, you almost have to give away your edge. I know this from personal experience.

A C2 record, showing your 97% win system over a long time, would be the next best thing. But even then, hedge funds still demand real execution proof.

Finally, a 97% winning system means absolutely nothing to a professional investor. It means a lot to an investing newbie.

I wish you good luck.