My Site

Is there still a way to access My Site?

Hmm. Good question. Two things to note, related to this:

1) We’re going to be introducing a new “My Site” update in the medium-term future.

2) For now, I think the best thing to do (forgive the hackiness) is go back to your “old system page” and access the my site from there.

Not ideal, but it’ll do the trick.

That’s the thing. I used to use the “classic” view to access My Site (at the top menu).

It’s not there from what I can see.

Sorry MK, I realize this may not have seemed like a question - but, using the “old site” how/where exactly is the “My Site” link?

Can you access it from the affiliate site itself? (For now… until we can rejigger things.)

As Craig said above I know the link and can access My Site, however how do we get to this to make changes (add/delete systems, etc.)

I’m going to work on that, Gil. Hang in there.