My Site

Not seeing “My Site” link at the top of beta dash.


So…“My Site” link can be always be accessed via “Use old” link, or is this going away?

I’ll be bringing it back shortly. Hang in there.

Hi, Gil:

Now that I’ve had some time to look into this, I am not so sure I can do what you want.

First, some background: we’re migrating to a new style of page design (you can find out if you’re on a new page by seeing if the the universal “Search” input area is inside a thicker gray bar at the top of the screen. If so, then you’re on a new-style page.).

One of the things that is missing from the new page design is the graphical bullseye that lets you drag and drop systems in order to place them on your own private white-labeled C2 affiliate site.

But that’s a conscious choice; we’re moving away from drag-and-drop entirely, due to the rise of tablets and smartphones (you can’t really drag-and-drop on a touch-screen).

You can still add systems to your white-label site by going to the system details page and clicking ADD TO… (top blue button) and then "My Site."

Is the availability of this functionality sufficient? Or does the lack of the top drag-and-drop target really prevent you from doing something you need to do?

Just trying to understand more fully so I can try to make your user experience better.